Monday, 28 November 2011

Make your true purpose more important than your resistance

Do you have - a business idea that you've never started? a concept for a book you’ve never written? a feeling that you're "playing smaller" than you should? a challenge around inertia and procrastination? ... then you're already familiar with resistance! Resistance is, quite simply, the force that sabotages your best thinking, kills your inspired ideas and stalls any attempt to move towards your own highest potential. For most of us the biggest stumbling block in achieving success is not cultivating inspiration and ideas but the execution of those ideas. Often, a lack of confidence in our abilities and fear of the unknown prevents us attaining true prosperity. We don’t step over the threshold to become an authority in our careers, accomplish the success we desire or touch the lives that we could if we had more self belief. “Thank you for an utterly compelling and inspiring day yesterday. Baby steps have already been made today! ” ~ Rebecca Perkins, Workshop Participant. Perhaps more than anything else, resistance is what can stop us realising our capabilities and cultivating our creative and entrepreneurial flow. This professionally recorded and edited 4 CD set is an invitation to make your true purpose more important than your resistance, and enable you to take your rightful place as a creative, artistic and entrepreneurial soul. You can make the difference you are here to create for yourself and others, and enjoy the success that is rightfully yours! After listening to this, you'll - Understand resistance, what it is and how it operates. Know how to use resistance as a compass to navigate toward what is most meaningful to you. Discover your personal obstructions and how to recognise them. Interpret the seven secrets to beating your own resistance. Uncover how to develop the courage to move beyond your resistance. Realise and be inspired by the rewards of beating your fears Understand how to move beyond self-sabotage. “I found the courage and 'just did it' as I'd expressed I would by making myself accountable. I invested today with time and energy and posted a few of my many items. I accomplished my 'babystep'!” ~ Hannah Pearson, Workshop Participant. What's Inside? Session 1: What resistance is and the purpose it seeks to serve Understand resistance, what it is and how it operates. Making the unconscious conscious. Resistance as part of the human software. Becoming clear about your own strategies for resistance. Session 2: The amateur and the professional as archetypes What it means to be an amateur and a professional. Making your transition – the decision to turn ‘pro’. Working for love while being paid and allowing your work to be your art. Session 3: Turning 'professional' – mindset and strategies Professional execution and delivery. Finding your professional core. Becoming a failure to move on. Courage to move in the direction of the unknown. Serving your Muse as an agent of the Infinite. Developing skill and mastery. Session 4: The seven ways through resistance Winning your creative battle every day. The secrets to moving through resistance. Showing up in your world. Serving your people. “Thank you for putting together such a great presentation on the 4th December - that was a bolder in the pond to create many very large ripples! The wind is well and truly under my wings now and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.” ~ Karin Morgan, Workshop Participant. >>>

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