Saturday, 5 November 2011

Calling all evolutionaries who want to help humanity make the Shift in time

ou CAN learn to become a powerful catalyst of conscious evolution and play a role in one of the most exciting events ever envisioned: a planetary Birth Day on December 22, 2012. This day will help us shift beyond fearful separation toward a global sense of oneness, symbolically marking the start of a new era in human development. Already more than 49,000 people have said "yes" to the Vision for the planetary Birth Day and more than 1500 have trained to be part of the global team. You, too, can join this movement determined to help make the Shift. In the mainstream media, our times are seen as precarious and grim. We teeter on the edge of environmental collapse and global disaster, buffeted by war and strife. This intense and often emotional drama has one powerful solution: our conscious evolution as a species. We have within us extraordinary creative potentials that have yet to be massively unleashed, leading to wide-scale cooperation, innovation, sustainability and peace. The solutions are available; it is only the human software that needs an upgrade. Which brings us to YOU: are you one of those here to upgrade the software? Reboot planet earth with a more holistic, compassionate, and sacred vision? Connect to and empower what IS truly working within yourself and within the world, rather than lament what no longer works? There is a profound birthing process underway on our planet, and the crises we face can be seen as contractions -- and evolutionary drivers. These catalytic events are accelerating, which is really good news because it means the birth is near. Many prophecies concur that the time for a planetary shift has arrived. Only it won’t happen by magic; it will happen only if those of us with the “codes” step forward and give our greatest gifts to the emergence of a new co-creative human society. If we do that, we can collectively ignite a new way of being that endures for decades to come. Join us to begin the evolutionary adventure of a lifetime! We are here to participate in the Great Turning from one era into another. Our planetary crises AND our unbridled creativity are together pushing for this larger Shift, and it’s happening right now. It merely needs to be accelerated, activated and made visible to the whole of humanity, inviting their participation. That’s why our intention is to build a year’s worth of transformative programs that help shift our culture and reaches a crescendo with a planetary Birth Day event on Dec. 22, 2012. This day will involve a global broadcast, a State of the Planet address, a 100-year vision for humanity, synchronized meditation and sounds, and a global children’s choir. And it will lead into local synergy circles, activation of collaborations, and creative parties around the world. Imagine what’s possible if tens of millions of us choose to unify for that day and express our highest consciousness and creativity. Imagine connecting what is innovative and creative at a planetary scale. Imagine what can be unleashed.

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