Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Explore profound inner peace and learn the leading-edge practices

Calling all change agents who are READY to explore profound inner peace and learn the leading-edge practices to truly create peace in our families, communities and our world: You now have the rare opportunity to access the world’s leading peacebuilders and their step-by-step approaches to navigating conflict and building peace, so you can heal yourself, your family and the world, NOW, when the world needs us most. We are clearly in a time of the most accelerated changes in history. The skills of defusing and transforming conflict and healing social wounds are at the core of whether we can create a healthy, vibrant, peaceful and sustainable world. You CAN make a profound difference and truly be part of the change our planet needs - and you can learn to do so effectively with tools and strategies from world-renowned social healer James O’Dea and more than a dozen of the world’s most respected peacebuilders. The transformation that comes from peacebuilding can also liberate your heart, mind and soul from negative patterns, resistance and fear, allowing you to become a more radiant and effective light in the world. Therefore, it’s a journey into your deepest self, helping you to heal old wounds, remove barriers to intimacy and trust, cultivate powerful friendships in the world and find your own unique contribution to global transformation. Join us now for the Peace Ambassador Training: http://su.pr/1caE0N You will: Develop profound skills and tools for cultivating peace in your life, your family, and your community, providing the training you need to be a more effective peacebuilder in the world. Learn how to navigate conflict and stand in the fire of hostility and aggression in powerfully effective ways, giving you the tools to be a social healer. Be empowered to release old wounds, navigate stress and clear barriers to friendships, as well as understand how to accelerate that process in others. Learn exactly how to practice and model the principles of peaceful communication that alleviate aggression and antagonism and gain confidence to facilitate others in creating a culture of peace during this momentous period of planetary change. Gain a comprehensive overview of leading practices along the peace continuum, from inner to international peacebuilding, including the leading-edge science of peace. Develop a strong foundation in community-building and organizing skills. Be inspired and guided to manifest your greatest qualities in service to humanity’s emergence and your deepest identity as a Peace Ambassador. Connect with an inspiring network of peacebuilders, friends and allies from around the world, including direct exposure to the planet’s leading peacebuilders. Have the opportunity to play a significant role in a massive Summer of Peace 2012 series of world-changing events.

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