Monday, 26 September 2011

The Beauty Way: Liberating Your Radiance and Finding Deep Fulfillment

Many smart, spiritually conscious women long to live radiant, beautiful lives. Yet this dream sometimes seems unreachable. If you're anything like other women you might: * Occasionally feel disconnected from your authentic self, feeling dull instead of genuinely ALIVE inside. * Spend money and time trying to feel good, but still have low self-esteem. * Long to be a part of a larger community of women who really celebrate each other SHINING and giving our greatest gifts. You are not alone! Deep inside, you know you are here to be an amazing, radiant woman. And you also likely feel that being a woman is a great blessing, with unique gifts for yourself and the world. One of those gifts is the expression and creation of beauty. And yet it is a quality that so many of us women find confusing, upsetting and frustrating. Each year we women spend billions and billions on beauty products and fashion. As society and the media plaster us with images about what it means to be a beautiful woman, most of us try to fit the mold to some degree, even while we might rebel against the relentless consumer pressure. We get great haircuts and spend money on the latest trends. We may diet to get our weight down. We buy skin care products to reduce signs of aging. Unwanted hairs are waxed, skin is polished and hair is dyed. But all this spending isn’t leading us to become any happier or more fulfilled. Instead, a recent study by U Penn shows that we women are unhappier than we have been in 35 years. Though we have made gains in every area -from education to sexual freedom to our place in the work force-these gains don’t translate into actual contentment. So what’s the problem here? The problem is that we are looking in the wrong places to find a sense of meaning, value and fulfillment. These qualities are not bought and sold in a store, but come from a deep connection to our own radiance and inner beauty. Real beauty is a divine blessing that comes from within. Unlike beauty that comes from the latest skin care product, this true beauty is an inherent part of our being and can expand as we age. And yet it’s been covered over and suppressed for so many women. We’ve disconnected from our true nature. But the good news is that there’s a path to reconnect to your feminine radiance and live from a place of fulfillment. We call that path the Beauty Way. The Beauty Way is a spiritual path, a way of living. It is a lens through which we can see and experience life as a woman. It is an invitation to create beauty, to look for beauty, to live AS beauty in terms of the way we treat others and ourselves. When we experience something truly beautiful, it can open us tothe splendor of the universe and allow it to bathe us in its sweet embrace. Whether it be a gorgeous landscape, the intoxicating smell of a rose in full bloom, an exquisite piece of music, or a mouth-watering morsel of food, when our senses are titillated and deeply experienced, we create a portal to commune with our true essence. That essence is pure, radiant and divine. And while it’s deeply nourishing to experience the beauty all around us, it’s most satisfying to reconnect to our own INNER source of beauty, which we describe as our radiant essence. Radiant essence is the true nature of our soul and is sometimes called our inner light. As we uncover the blockages and heal the wounds that prevent us from accessing that radiance, we open into a state of deep love-starting with a love for ourselves. When we are filled with this love, we are happy. We are free. And we come home to ourselves. And lo and behold, we become more beautiful as people witness that sparkle in us. So how do we connect with our radiant essence? Through our work with hundreds of women, we’ve developed a step-by-step process to help you to peel back the layers of conditioning, wounding, and self-sabotage and open to your PLEASURE and your JOY. Join us for a journey into a whole new relationship with your self and your beauty.

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