Friday, 16 September 2011

Linking restaurants looking to hire with restaurant professionals looking for work

To Prospective Employees: Our goal is to simply help restaurant professionals looking for work find jobs through Waiting2work - free of charge. We recognize that hourly employees have enough on their plate as it is, spending money on finding work shouldn’t be one of them. We feel sites that do are fundamentally predatory and not looking after the best interest of their network members. If Waiting2work can serve as a resource to those professionals looking for work, we are committed to meeting their needs. To Restaurants: Quite simply, Waiting2work is a niche (boutique) operation; a private sector solution to a public sector problem. Our goal is to create greater hiring efficiencies within an industry saturated with exceptionally high employee turn-over, thin margins, and limited budgeting resources. While Craigslist, trade journals, shotgun advertising, and accepting walk-in applications can help staff your business, it has been our experience that those sources offer only part of the solution (if any solution at all) to your hiring and time management needs. Like most investments and business strategies, diversification is a good thing, we hope Waiting2work can help bridge the gap and streamline the fundamental needs of your management process…and it’s 100% free.

We also recognize that General Managers and Executive Chefs have plenty of day to day responsibilities that need to be accomplished in order to seek or exceed a break-even-point, spending 5-10 hours a week (conservatively) in dealing with prospective new hires and walk-ins shouldn’t be one of them. While hiring and staffing is an integral component of running any successful business; the time spent interviewing and prospecting should be minimal and not a constant struggle. Waiting2work can be a fluid - direct hiring - resource to your managers, whereby they can search through a pool of pre-qualified Waiting2work candidates for hire; seeking out part-time, seasonal, or full-time employees. Or they can simply have a place to defer walk-ins to as a means to save time; it doesn’t make sense for your managers to interview a candidate with 3 months experience when they are looking for a seasoned professional with 5-10 years of experience. Waiting2work can help filter out the noise and mitigate labor costs in an attempt to boost efficiency ratios

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