Friday, 23 September 2011

Classic ground-breaking course shows how to write any book in under a month

I always wanted to be a famous writer. You know, having the reading public hanging on my every word, being interviewed on TV and radio, seeing my latest novel adapted for Hollywood, schmoozing with the cast at the premiere... Or, at the very least, seeing my name on the front cover of a book! I always knew I *could* do it. After all, you don't have to write like Charles Dickens anymore to make a fortune as a writer. Look at John Grisham, or Stephen King. So what held me back for so long? Well, to be honest, writing a book looked like darned hard work! I wanted the kudos of being an author, sure, but giving up all my evenings for a year or more seemed like too much of a sacrifice. But finally, I've done it. My book goes into publication later this year. I'm going to be a published author! Was it as hard as I thought? Well, I wish I could tell you that I became a recluse for a year and typed until my fingers bled. In fact, despite my fears, it was one of the easiest and most enjoyable pieces of work I ever did. It took me just 21 days to finish a 70,000 word book and my fingers are just fine, thank you very much. I can't claim all the credit though -- I couldn't have done it without Nick Daws. Nick is one of the most prolific writers of our age and has finally revealed his techniques for writing at the speed he does. His course “Write Any Book in 28 Days” was a complete eye-opener for me and has changed the way I approach any writing project. This information is pure gold for any budding writer. It works! In fact, I'm half way through book number two now -- when are you starting yours? So, if you're at all interested in writing your *own* book, I'd urge you to

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