Monday, 12 September 2011

Why Does the Law of Attraction Work for Some People and Not for Others?

The "Law of Attraction" has a very enticing promise: The ability to manifest anything you want or desire through belief and intention... But, does it WORK? Learn how to identify and ELIMINATE limited beliefs. The Law of Attraction will fail to materialize your desires if your Subconscious is clogged with beliefs, values and rules which opposes what you want to manifest. These buried beliefs are sending out the WRONG frequencies and unless you identify and eliminate them, the Law of Attraction will keep bringing what you don't want! These beliefs, values and rules must be eliminated BEFORE undertaking any new goal and Tom gives you the techniques on how to do so. Any negative attitudes and behaviors you have keep reinforcing limiting, negative beliefs, values and rules. Now you can learn how to change your beliefs, process values and bust your rules. Your attitudes will AUTOMATICALLY CHANGE and then your Subconscious will send out the positive vibrations to attract to you what you desire. Do you know how to 'reprogram' your values and eliminate conflicting values/rules? You will NOW! You will completely fail using the Law of Attraction to attract the good things/people you desire if you have any doubts. Doubts and fears will keep you generating more and more NEGATIVE subconscious programming and you will be keeping your frequencies ─ and your power to manifest ─ LOCKED into disbelief, lack and limitation. Very little energy/power is left to activate the Law of Attraction in any new direction you desire. Tom shows you how to ELIMINATE doubt and CELEBRATE your creative power. The Secret movie told us to visualize what we want and it is ours to have. But, it is important to understand that a FEW minutes of visualizing/imagining your goal as already achieved, and giving your desires attention and focus could be a wasted effort because the PREDOMINANT vibrations being sent out by your Subconscious mind may be keeping you locked in 'states' of no manifestation. The "Law of Attraction: Step-By-Step Workshop" shows you EXACTLY how to overcome this rarely talked about issue.

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