Monday, 26 September 2011

Lock your USB key with a password - and keep your data safe!

Every single day, 5,000 USB data sticks go missing across the globe.

The media is full of reports about sensitive data going missing from corporations and Government agencies, often crammed onto those USB memory sticks.

What would happen if YOU lost YOUR USB memory stick?

For many, this simple loss can result in a lifetime of worrying.

Personal accounting files, intimate diaries, critical company information, sensitive data - all of this in the wrong hands can literally RUIN your LIFE.

It's not just identity theft. It's blackmail, corporate theft, public humiliation - and more.

Do YOU want to RISK your data getting into the WRONG HANDS?

Well, now you CAN.

Flash Drive Security is a brand new app that will quickly LOCK your entire USB key, so that your files are COMPLETELY safe - even if you hand the USB key STRAIGHT to a computer hacker!

To unlock the drive, just enter your password - and you're done!

This is a LIFE-SAVER of a program, and it's available for download NOW. Just visit this website:
I GUARANTEE you'll be amazed.

Thanks for your time

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