Monday, 12 September 2011

Stop Worrying and Grow Rich

Have you ever thought, "Some people just seem to have all the luck?" I confess I have at times! It doesn't seem fair, does it? Especially in the times we're living in, we could all do with a bigger piece of "luck pie." Well, my friend Trevor Emdon may have just baked us all a great big "luck pie". It's not likely you've come across him, but he's been inspiring people and teaching them how to turn their dreams into reality with his life coaching and law of attraction teachings for some years now from his home in Deepest UK! There's a video up on his website where you'll get to know him better and, more importantly perhaps, he reveals a very powerful - and I may say thought provoking "secret" about how to attract mon-ey. There's more to come from him too, and I really think he's onto something. I'm certainly up for a bigger piece of luck pie - and there's plenty for all of us, thankfully. Go watch!

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