Monday, 12 September 2011

Past Life Regression Can Change Your Life

Past-Life Regression is a highly controversial subject. In order to entertain the idea of past-lives, one must be open to entertaining the idea of Reincarnation and Life After Death. Some people regard these subjects as ridiculous and suspect past-life regression is a method used by unscrupulous amateurs to rob and deceive people. On the other hand, the "true believers" have written volumes of data about the subject, in an effort to prove both the existence of past lives and the necessity of "clearing" past life memories from the Subconscious Mind. Are "Past Lives" Real? In my years of both Academic Research and practice as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I have found huge volumes of data that would prove to any legitimate scientist that many "past life" memories are based on real historic people and events. I refer the reader to Helen Wambach's work, “Reliving Past Lives,” and Ian Stevenson's exhaustively scientific “30 Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation” written by a skeptical scientist. There are a sufficient number of books to prove that past life memories have been documented as accurate for a significant number of people. As world communication and information transfer becomes almost instantaneous, and our Collective Consciousness expands to explore various modalities and beliefs, many people today are interested in experiencing past-life memories first-hand and desire an understanding of Reincarnation, Fate, Destiny, and their Life’s Purpose. Who Are You? Why Are You Here? Are you one of those people asking questions about who you are and what is your purpose on the planet? Are you curious why some of the things you do and say seem to come from somewhere outside of your current reality? Here Is An Unprecedented Opportunity To Explore YOUR Past Lives And Use What YOU Discover To Improve YOUR Present Life. * As we live from moment to moment, our thoughts, feelings, and actions are based on what we have learned in the past; they are stored in the mind/body database. What we store in this database consists of real or imagined events, together with our interpretation of those events. * There is an overwhelming amount of research regarding our memories of experiences -- complete with all the senses -- from events in past lifetimes. * There is also considerable evidence that there are memories of the soul/spirit's existence during the period between physical body lifetimes. * The past-life regression process facilitates people recalling memories from past lives and sometimes the period in between lifetimes. * We can access the mind/body database through hypnosis, facilitating memories from present lifetime, past lifetime, and the period between lives.

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