Monday, 26 September 2011

How You Can Overcome the Obstacles to Creating a Better Life and World -- with Ease

We all have dreams for our lives and for a better world. Making those dreams really happen, however, can be a big challenge. Lack of time, money and skills often get in the way. But the deeper issue is that most of us have never been trained in how to manifest our important plans and dreams -- and we weren’t given the tools to clear the obstacles that prevent us from creating what we truly want in life. Too often, then, we aren’t able to manifest effectively, which leads to stress or failure. We then turn away from our deeper calling -- whether it’s publishing a book, starting a new business, living in a foreign country, finishing a project or serving the world. World-renowned chakra expert Anodea Judith is here to help you change that. She offers you a clear, easy and exciting roadmap -- and a step-by-step plan to clear the obstacles and catapult you into the world of co-creating with Spirit and with others in your life. A Powerful Roadmap to Keep You on Track and in Alignment with Spirit Using the powerful “technology” of the Chakra System, accessible through your own body and psyche, each week Anodea will guide you in a process from dream to reality through the downward current through the chakras. Each week there will be specific exercises and practices to strengthen each area and keep you on track with your life vision. If you know you’re ready to create a better life and world with ease, effectiveness and ecstasy, then go to: The Chakra Map: How Manifesting Your Dreams Really Works Most people think of the Chakra System as an upwardly mobile map for ascending to higher levels of transcendence, seeking the jewel of the crown chakra at the top. Few people realize that in the ancient texts, the Chakra System also represents a process for condensing consciousness into the many levels of manifestation that we experience as reality. This descending current of consciousness takes us back down to earth and brings our dreams into reality. Whether your dream is personal or global, a business or a community, this course will help you condense and clarify your ideas and keep you on track in a step-by-step process for making your visions become real. You can then apply these steps to anything you want to create, alone or with others. It Starts with Your Ideas... We begin in consciousness with a conception of an idea (crown chakra) and focus our intentions into a clear vision (brow chakra), then learn to communicate that vision effectively (throat chakra). This brings us into the realm of relationship, service and co-creation (heart chakra). By focusing our will (power chakra), we find the right connections, movement, passion and balance (sacral chakra), and take specific grounded actions in the physical world to bring our projects to completion (root chakra), step by step. At this time on the planet we are being asked, not only to seek liberation and transcendence, but also to bring the divine down into us and out through our actions, to become effective change agents... for co-creating Heaven on Earth. It’s time, don’t you think, to fully ignite your passion and create the life you’ve been imagining for yourself and for our world. Join Anodea and a supportive, like-minded circle of others for this transformative journey!

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