Saturday, 1 September 2012

LIVING ENLIGHTENMENT: Keys to Awakening and Freedom

If you are ready to open to a more conscious life of peace and fulfillment, then join us for this special virtual satsang.

In this intimate online gathering, Gangaji will begin by addressing one of the fundamental traps we fall into: idealization.

Like many of us, you can make the mistake of idealizing what your day-to-day lives will look like – what you will have, and how you will feel once you reach “enlightenment.”

You might imagine that you can and must manifest your personal happiness by altering your internal or external circumstances with some thing or someone.

You may hope that when the right partner is found, when your parents or children change, or when you have the right job making the right amount of money, finally, you will be okay. You will be at peace.

But in a moment of reflection, you know in your heart that simply isn’t true. Peace cannot be found in what comes and goes.

Gangaji offers a radical, life-changing invitation...

Right here, right now, exactly as you are, in the precise circumstances that you find yourself in, you can discover true and lasting peace and fulfillment.

You can discover the peace that is who you are, no matter where you are.

In the willingness to expose the idealizations that distract you, you have an opportunity to recognize that what you truly want is already here, whole and complete.

You can fully realize the core of peace alive in you. And in that, you immediately discover there is no gap between what comes and goes in your day-to-day life and the permanent reality of your being.

What does is it really mean to live your daily life out of the realization of who you are?

What does it mean to be true to your self?

During this special virtual satsang, Gangaji will share from her direct experience how it is possible to lead a meaningful, loving, responsible and fulfilled life each and every day.

Join Gangaji and together we'll explore how to:

•Recognize and unravel your limiting definitions

•Discover the capacity of your heart to face life’s hills and the valleys

•Challenge your concepts of “enlightenment”

•Stop overlooking the primal, ever-present innocence of your being

“Can life be lived as a regular human being, with all the ups and downs, and still be conscious and nurtured by the truth of who one is? Yes. Yes!” – Gangaji

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