Saturday, 1 September 2012

YOU are your most important and sacred relationship as the connection to your Authentic self

Oneness is not about becoming this or becoming that. Oneness is all about staying with the “what is.” The truth is this is your condition. You’ve got to stay there, accept it, embrace it. Staying with it, accepting it, embracing it is the process….Sri Bhagavan

A very important question to ask yourself…How do you live in total acceptance of everything?

One of the most profound and glorious realizations and experiences is to live from the total acceptance of What Is. Sounds simple, however, because we are conditioned to want things to be different than they are, we usually want to change some of our circumstance. This seems to be the loop we live in, always wanting more and better.

And the truth is there is nothing wrong with that desire, however, what sets us up for suffering and frustration, is first not accepting what is happening now. Once we do that, then quite naturally, another opportunity, a golden opportunity can present itself, another solution, a miracle out of nowhere just shows up. And this all happens because we get out of our own way and accept what is and who we are.

“A man should not strive to eliminate his complexes but to get into accord with them.” …Sigmund Freud

And the key here that will support this entire way of Being, above anything else, is to first to love your self completely. Every little nuance about You, especially those secret crevices we mentioned before that hide away in the darkness hoping that no one sees us in that way..YES even those are to be appreciated, because there is nothing wrong with any of it.

THE PARADOX: Everything about you is exactly perfect in the moment and when that shows up in your living experience then everything around you changes naturally without effort. Accepting “what is” nullifies the impact of resistance of wanting it to be different.

What does that mean to Love yourself completely?

Love at the level of Being has no relationship to or with anyone… but rather, Love IS the relationship to whatever is before it, by fully embracing whatever is there. When life shows up in that way, You are awakening to Being the Authentic YOU and that is the simplest and yet, the most difficult thing to do. And the secret to truly loving yourself is embracing and accepting all that you are.

YOU are your most important and sacred relationship as the connection to your Authentic self IS THE relationship that nurtures every other in your life!

To do that, one needs the power of Grace, a Divine intervention. Oneness Blessings and Meditations are the game changers that are dramatically opening the flood gates and igniting the fires of Divine attunement.

Know this to be true…Everything that happens in your life is part of God’s plan to wake you out of the illusion of separation. And that is your ultimate destiny, to reestablish and feel your Oneness with all things.

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