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Astral Projection Underground - The Amazing Art of Leaving Your Body at Will

Astral Projection Underground

Get answers to the following:

What Is Astral Projection?

What are the best techniques of Astral Projection?

What is the best time to practice Astral Projection?

Is Astral Projection really safe?

How long does it take to succeed at Astral traveling?

What is the Silver Cord?

How to conquer your Astral Projection fears?

How to stay out of the body for longer periods of time?

...And hundreds of other questions!!   Thomas Carson says:

Last night I was amazed at what I experienced after watching your 1st video FAQ. I had the most vivid dream/astral experience ever. I had experimented with Salvia before some time last year while it was still legal in my state (MS) but this encounter was not only more natural but overall more enjoyable.

I’ve been trying to astrally project for quite some time and ironically I was finally able to accomplish it thanks to one of your many recommendations. The one I chose involved trying to convince myself to sleep while consciously remaining awake. Somehow it worked. I only hope I can repeat the process tonight.

I had at least 3 different dreams/projections. They were unlike any others I had ever had. It was like I was on another planet. I can barely put it into words! I am convinced that astral travel is real. I’m currently on question #66 and would just like to say thank you so much for this service you are providing. You are really enlightening the masses with this series.

Second mail from Thomas:

I’m excited to share that I had my first OoBE last night that came upon me rather quickly after laying down on my back in a relaxed position. I became a little startled because the deeper I breathed the more intense the feeling of flying became and my heart and breathing rates started to slow. I thought my heart would actually stop beating.

Abhi, can you become too relaxed? I had trouble controlling the intensity of the experience. It was, of course, my first time. Initially I tried to visit the fond “location” I went to the previous night. All I could feel was my body rising above me and flying through blackened space. The more I relaxed the more blissful I felt.

Not knowing what else to do I decided to send out thoughts of love and positive energy.

Just as I was enjoying the flying sensation I got a phone call. After trying to replicate the experience about 15 minutes later I was still able to reach a meditative state in which I felt that slight pressure on my chest someone mentioned earlier.

I now have 3 more FAQ videos left. Hopefully I will learn even more that will enhance my astral experience.

Third mail from Thomas:

Abhi, thanks so much for responding! I must say that the remaining 3 videos were just as impressive and extremely helpful as the first 2. I’ve gained so much incremental insight over just the past few days. I’ve forced myself to be patient and calm down my anxiety level. Your advice as been so helpful.

As you well know, astral travel is so multifaceted. I’m now finding myself during certain parts the day having “mini” astral thoughts for lack of a better phrase. For so long I’ve been searching for meaning and truth in my life and now I KNOW this is just the beginning of something great. I’ll definitely keep you posted.

- Thomas Carson

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