Monday, 24 September 2012

You are IMPORTANT in the unfolding Shift in Human Consciousness

Why is it that some people seem to make money just by breathing? While you’re sitting there with a brilliant idea to make a positive contribution to humanity… going nowhere?
Why do some people attract fame, fortune and everything that goes with it… while you’re struggling to get a few friends on facebook?
And why, when people all over the world are waking to a new consciousness, do businesses with questionable ethics still seem to dominate… when you actually care about the difference you are making?
Know This: You are IMPORTANT in the unfolding Shift in Human Consciousness. Your Ideas, Gifts, and Talents are REQUIRED. The Conscious Wealth Summit will help make it PAY.

The Conscious Wealth Summit is NOT for people who want to rape, pillage, and plunder their way to riches. It’s NOT a happy clapper, feel good, rev-you-up-and-dump-you event that leaves you ready to take on the world with no idea how.
And it’s NOT a master class in manipulation and greed.
This Two Week, live streaming online seminar series is all about helping people with ethics, moral fibre, and a burning desire to make the world a better place – to build a real and lasting platform for turning their dreams into money in the bank.
Because you have arrived at this page, we know that YOU are a truly unique and amazing being with so much to offer the world.
YOU are a bright shining light just waiting to claim your rightful place in the world and share your unique gift.
YOU deserve to claim the dreams you have harbored for so long NOW.
The journey you are about to embark on will help YOU achieve the right mindset, skills, information and marketing know-how to share your brilliance with the people who desperately need what you have to offer.
It’s Time to Take Back What’s Rightfully Yours
The human race is at a critical point in it’s evolution and needs YOU to be a shining example of how to transcend fear, lack and suffering and realize their goals and dreams as a natural part of being alive.
This is about awake people taking back the earth. You have what it takes. Let us share the tools.
  • Finally end feelings of guilt and denial about being rewarded for your talents, ideas and gifts
  • Breakthrough the mental barriers that force you to give your services away free or way too cheap
  • Discover how to align yourself with your purpose and passion and leave behind the struggle for wealth forever
  • Get proven systems and blueprints from successful entrepreneurs to send your business dreams to the stars
  • Dance with the shift of human consciousness and let it fill your cup to overflowing
  • Learn step by step marketing processes that attract new customers to you like life to an empty clearing
  • Bring your enormous contribution to the world and make it a brighter place for all generations to come
  • Develop unshakeable focus to guide you through every hurdle in business and life
  • Discover how to Live a life of Purpose and be paid handsomely
  • Access unlimited reserves of opportunity, possibility and promise
  • Form Community with heart centered entrepreneurs from around the world
Conscious Wealth Summit

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