Saturday, 29 September 2012

Your can experience Spiritual Awakening!

Spiritual Awakening is the profound experiential realizing of one's true nature, from the illusory trance of apparent separation (chronically taking oneself to be separate) and egoic identification which most people are being. Enlightenment generally means the stabilized living from that awareness. Enlightenment is not some state that is achieved. It is simply the realization of one's natural state - the field of consciousness THAT all experience and manifestation happens in, one's very true nature, that has always been here - the SOURCE of all, the ONENESS (though that term hardly describes it). It is hard to describe as it is that which is PRIOR to BEING - the consciousness which always is and has always been the source of all being, all experience, and all manifestation.

True Spiritual Awakening cannot really be described with words, nor brought about through words or thinking; however, it can be pointed to and here are some of the finest pointers I have found...

I humbly point to the pointers (Eckhart Tolle probably articulates the most clearly and broadly for all to get):

Spending time with these teachers (or even at their web sites, which are all linked) will be very worthwhile and enriching, particularly if you are ripe - tired of struggling and trying to "improve your life" yet still suffering, and are ready to realize your true nature. Ready to stop thinking you ARE your story - that story associated with your name and your body - that concocted identity you take yourself to be.

There are many people and ideologies that claim to have the "truth". I have found much of it to be false (especially those who have formed into organized religions). And there are many teachings which are just elaborate systems which depend upon beliefs (such as religions) rather than direct experience. I found the beings listed below to be true. Their message is all basically the same. Everyone here gets my highest recommendation. If you are ready or getting ready - these people have gone before and are showing the way. visionary art and inspiration

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