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How We Were Able to Birth Our Soul’s Calling...

You’re self-aware, motivated, talented, and you’ve been successful in many undertakings and important projects. And yet…

You sense even greater possibilities for your life. You yearn to move beyond a vanilla life that is working “fine” to a life that is filled with passion and greater meaning. You want to touch people and be the brightest light you can be. And you’re willing to die to an old way of being so that something new and much more soul aligned can be born.

But you’re hesitant, maybe even afraid, to venture into this unknown territory. You don’t know how to move beyond your comfort zone – especially since you haven’t been taught how to navigate the terrain, and you haven’t been given a map for where you’re going.

We truly understand. We were once there ourselves.

How We Were Able to Birth Our Soul’s Calling...

Devaa’s Story

A mere five years ago I (Devaa) was in a prestigious job, receiving great pay and lots of recognition for my leadership and management skills. But I wasn’t really happy. Something big was missing in this role. I was yearning to do the thing that really lit me up. But the problem was... I wasn’t totally clear on my purpose or how to get my gifts out there.

What I DID know is that I wanted to find and express my most authentic voice. I knew that I had an important gift to offer – my soul’s calling – and was giving it in small ways here and there. But I didn’t know how to get it out in the world in a way that had the biggest impact. And I certainly wasn’t making a living doing it.

So, what did I do? I started by allowing myself to dream into my future. I asked myself, "If time and money were not obstacles, what would I be doing with my life?"

From that question, a vision arose of running a women’s wisdom school (like the ancient mystery schools but in a modern context). And as the vision began to crystallize, the doubts began to arise almost as quickly. "But I’m not old enough to run a wisdom school," said one voice. "And maybe I’m not wise or experienced enough," said another.

I was my own biggest obstacle for awhile, as I dealt with these insecure places inside of myself.


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