Monday, 24 September 2012

Spiritual Awakening on Earth

We are living in a moment of spiritual awakening in which life on Earth is undergoing a great transformation. We have been residents here, each in our individually created circumstance, perceiving ourselves as limited and often beleaguered human beings in bodies. We have relied on our minds, our egos to lead us through the confusions of endless challenging scenarios.

The truth of us is so much grander than this. We are not limited. We are truly great beings of consciousness, cells in the heart of God, created by God at the Moment of Creation. Each of us is a unique and magnificent facet of an aspect of our Beloved Creator. Our hearts have always been our guiding force, both as our link to God, our Source, and our link to divine feeling which tunes us to the truth of the movement of Love and life.

What we have been experiencing on Earth is the adventure of what it is like to forget who we are. To truly come to know who we are and to serve God and humanity in this transformation, this spiritual awakening, we must shift our mode of perception. Instead of relying on information given us by the little mind, we now must open to our true mode of perception and come to experience life through the heart. We must now open the heart.

Each heart is as the heart of God. Nothing we have ever experienced in Earth life has changed that and it cannot. The communion of the Beloved and His/Her heart is eternal, everywhere present and totally acknowledged in every electron of life that is present in the whole of God. There has merely been amnesia, a forgetting among humanity that we are the heart of God and only Love. There has been a placing of our attention elsewhere. It is the moment to make a shift and open the heart.

As our hearts open in the current spiritual awakening, we regain our natural connection to God, our Source. This communion with God is everything. The Love flowing from God is our sustenance, our creativity, the source of everything in our lives. The Messages from God at Circle of Light  focus strongly on the opening of the heart as the pathway Home, the pathway to spiritual awakening. We humbly offer in deepest Love, all of the tools we have been given for us to open the heart.

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