Thursday, 27 September 2012

Let's Experience Peace, Love, Truth, Light and Eternity

Everyone is looking forward to move ahead from the chaos and confusion that is rampant all over the world to a better tomorrow. Humanity is united in its desire to move away from these agitations to a life of peace and harmony.

When we begin to love life in spite of the everyday struggles and failures, we start noticing th e little joys and gifts that life throws at us unexpectedly. We begin to count our blessings and ind ways to express our gratitude for these. The vibes that we send out attract similar energies, hence these small acts and

beliefs build up gradually until we begin to vibrate and hold very strong positive intent and attitude. Such an attitude transforms our lives in miraculous ways.

Developing a positive outlook towards life is one of the major steps in the transformation process. When we look at life positively and in an affirmative light, we align ourselves with the positive intent and force of the Universe. The combined effect of this positive outlook and the positive aspect of the Universe

manifests in our lives, through our thoughts, emotions and actions.

We will literally become a channel through which the Divine operates to light up the lives of all those around us.
  Another area where we can assist others is with our intentions and prayers. When done collectively and with a focused attention, we can build up a huge field of energy with our positive intentions. This energy field attracts the required help and creates favorable conditions that are necessary for the transformation of everyone concerned. We can pray for peace and calm in the world and also for help and guidance for those who are affected by the difficult processes of the period of intense transformation.

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