Friday, 7 September 2012

Making Money With TagVillage - a social media with intergration with facebook

TagVillage has arrived. It is set to become commonplace for users to interface with their facebook and search while making money doing what they normally would do.

What is TagVillage?

TagVillage was born out of seeing websites with good ideas but some issues or bad implementation. The thought was, let's take parts of the good ideas and make them better. So TagVillage is best described as a social media with intergration with facebook, built in search engine features and ways to make money even if you are a free member.

The interface looks much like a facebook page. Friends and messages are all available to you. The two big differences is the Search area and the management area for tags.

Making Money With TagVillage


The main money making method on TagVille involves buying and trading tags. Once the advertiser platform is open on the site there will be income to those who have tags they link to. There is also going to be a weekly profit sharing pool.

Members earn points just from completing tasks they would do normally. Adding a friend, making a post etc. Full details are not released yet however these points can be used in a number of ways including making donations to charity. The company itself has a poilcy to give away at least 10% of money to charities.

Another way members can earn is by getting commissions from their referrals actions. This becomes passive and with a good number of referrals can be significant.

The concept is very familiar with tag trading (buying and selling of keywords). This will eventually connect tag owners with advertisers. The true power of this project is going to come from integration with Facebook, and the concept of of "My Cause". In short, you select a "cause" that you want to donate money to. This can be any national organization such as Red Cross, Make A Wish, etc, or even something a bit closer to home - your Church, your kids little league or Scout troop, or your Kiwanis club. Anything you can think of that is your "cause". Regular social actions (pictures, comments, thumbs up, links, etc) will generate revenue for your cause. All your social actions will give your cause money.

Because this is tied to Facebook, and the power of Tag trading, this looks to be a huge success. Early team building going on now. There are discounts and bonuses for funding the account now. Commission fees are waived, AlertPay and Paypal options available.   The team behind TagVillage are highly experienced and are prepared for longevity of the project.

Overall this is an exciting project being delivered. It is well planned out and has the technical expertise to see it go through with any hiccups on the way sure to be dealt with immediately.

The money in the opportunity is sure to make some people wealthy who grab it and run with it.

The charitable donations they want to run into the millions

The product is great.

The rewards are great.

The Ethics are unquestionable.

I've joined and I'm excited about it. I'd be happy for you to join me and let me help you if you need it.


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