Saturday, 1 September 2012

Loving Yourself – The Gateway to Be Free from Suffering

“True personal power magnitizes Love. Nothing can bring you Peace but yourself”…Emerson.

YOU are in the midst of one of the greatest human evolutions in history. We are at the dawn of a whole-system shift as we are re-igniting in conscious awakening. And that is literally changing our DNA codes.

So if you are feeling confused, unsettled, mystified, overwhelmed OR… just excited that life is becoming more alive as if you are waking from a dream, then you are perfectly fine. We are birthing a new Humanity, a way of relating to ourself and others that insists that we live from the fullest and highest expression of who we are. This awareness is our gateway to our hightest potential, sacred self, our Divine alignment.

You are having to absolutely address now what is beneath the surface in all those little crevices that have been hidden, where there can be dense energies and emotions. You may feel exhausted or exhilerated, both as opposites are bringing about your transformation. So it’s all good.

The world is in a powerful momentum that is releasing all the old ways of being, knowing, relating, governing and believing and that effects everyone.

The power of the Oneness Blessings (OB) are crucial to supporting you to more easily connect to your Divine essence and feel the magnificent, exhilerating energies that are the expression of your highest potential. The OB are like a magic wand that sprinkles fairey dust all over you and allows you to become the real Authentic You.

As we swirl through these times, one of the best magnifying glasses that lasers our inward transformation is our personal perceptions. Of course they naturally occur and pop up everyday. They determine how we show up and how we relate to ourself and to others.

The World of our Perceptions….

Do we realize how much they color our world?

How they influence our feelings about ourself and others?

How do we know if they are even true?

We usually become troubled by these perceptions because they are in resistance to what is occurring. We are not living from the Truth of our Reality. Meaning we would like for what is happening in the moment to be different than it is by being better, easier, fun, no stress, etc.

Each hill in life’s journey that you encounter is special for you and designed to bring you exactly what your Soul needs to live from your highest potential and even tho it may feel ucky, that can be the greatest gift in freeing yourself from the shackles of illusion so we can live from our basic core Truth. That basic core Truth is that we are all connected. And we call that connection — Oneness or Unity Consciousness.

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