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Your Wish Is Your Command - How to Manifest Your Desire

Your Wish Is Your Command - How to Manifest Your Desire
One of the contributers to this CD series, Joe Vitale, recently wrote about it, "...Kevin is a terrific story teller, a riveting speaker, and a walking library of information on attracting what you want in life (with a focus on attracting money), I couldn't wait to listen to it. I did and loved it." Your Wish Is Your Command masterfully illustrates how we are all connected at the vibrational level, and ultimately teaches how to begin the work of controlling your own thoughts, thereby controlling and creating your own life. It discusses the basic tenets of the Global Information Network and why it is so important for you in understanding and Creating Your Life.

You see, we hear and see words everyday. We take in… but we dismiss it as common knowledge. Most often than not, we simply don’t take action or apply the knowledge in anyway! Why is that?

I’ve got a theory on that… all of our live, the normal people, we are fed with a huge amount of information at school as we grow up. Our minds are filled with so much information that, for years, we simply have to let some information go before our brains explodes! Do that for 15-20 years, and you make an habit of stocking the info in your head “for later use” without rarely do anything about it, even forget it as your best option, or regurgitating the words like it was recorded without really knowing the true meaning.

My mentor had a hard time teaching me something… because I’m so brilliant that I know it all and I want to do my own thing the way I see fit.

Don’t reinvent the wheel they say! Make sense doesn’t it? But are you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY following EXACTLY the formula that your mentor, dad, mom, teacher told you EXACTLY to do? Probably not, most of the time.

We have the tendency to take for granted what we have after a while. So be grateful for what you have. Say it out loud. Write it down. Use it. Apply it.

If you’re like most people, you’ve just read that, you found it great, but you won’t use it. That’s exactly the point. Maybe that exact sentence I’ve just written won’t hit you at all.

It is not the words and common knowledge that is the answer to everything. Love cannot be explained in words, a simple thank you on a letter VS a thank you, expression of the face of somebody when he or she says it and how you feel about it, makes a HUGE difference. Some things and realities must be experienced to be able to grasp a part of it. Why just a part? well, are you the person grateful or the receiver? the feelings are different. You cannot fully get what that other person feels

Have you ever been to a show? A live concert? A Live business presentation? Can you feel the same energy and magic as watching it on TV, internet or a book? Most likely not.

My mission is to help people reach their full potential, and this one is a turn-key mindset transformational system in a box that you need to check out at least once in your lifetime. This is not a copy cat of “the secret”, “think and grow rich”, “rich dad, poor dad” or anything like that. Remember, the words doesn’t count, it is what you will feel and attune on a whole new level, if you open yourself enough, that will make the HUGE difference in your understanding and experience.


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