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How To Become A Master Of Mind Control

How To Enchant Whole Groups Of People

In order to enchant entire groups of people you have to enchant yourself first. Enchantment is a mental, physical and emotional state that is so positive and powerful that it’s contagious. Enchantment is something people want to feel and people want to be with people who can enchant them.

Enchantment is so important the whole first day of “The Extreme Leadership Seminar” is dedicated to understanding and mastering it. In The Extreme Leadership CD Series you’ll learn how to enchant yourself and others through a detailed series of exercises and meditations and you’ll be able to apply it to any group situation.

You’ll discover that “Mind Control Seminar” CD series and the “Extreme Leadership Seminar” CD series have overlapping and interrelated exercises. This is because they work from a similar model of influence. In the simplest terms, this model of influence works by being able to get into anyone’s mind and get a real-time idea of how they think.   First of all, no one ever becomes a real “Master” because mastery is something you are ALWAYS reaching for. That means you are always studying, learning and testing what you know. So, when someone thinks of you as a “Master” of mind control all that means is that you have never stopped learning. So where do you start?

Start anywhere! Any book on hypnosis or Neuro Linguistic Programming is a good start. Listening to any training about influence and persuasion is also a very good start. You’ll quickly discover that there is ALWAYS something to learn and use.

I have a library of over 1000 books on hypnosis, NLP and persuasion. I’ve also taken a few hundred hours of seminars and trainings on how to influence people in all sorts of settings and scenarios. I’ve also studied police and military interrogation as well studying how people fall under the influence cults.

The way to become a “Master of Mind Control” is to start studying and to never start.

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