Thursday, 27 September 2012

The New Light Age coming on Earth

Our Earth has four Yugas. Each of them comes with a distinct characteristic and set of features. This cycle of the four Yugas, also called Mahayuga, repeats continuously.

Satya Yuga is an age of peace, harmony and perfection on our

Earth. This Yuga is also known by the names: Krita Yuga (meaning

‘perfect’), the New Age and the Light Age. In this phase, the

highest priority is given to a righteous living based on divine

principles such as truth and love. Mankind lives in total surrender

and alignment with the divine will. No dilution of values is allowed

in this age.

Life will be at its highest glory during this entire forthcoming

duration of the Golden Age. No ne gativities or diseases will exist,

and people would live in peace and joy, without ageing. In this

period, there will be no divisions or boundaries like nation, race or

class that may create barriers among men. Spiritual values like

freedom, accommodation and sharing will be the norm. With

everyone manifesting divinity all the time, it will be an absolute

Utopia — a heaven on Earth.   Most of the Souls that take birth in this Cosmos arrive with the

purpose of experiencing the diversity of God’s creation. They

come here to have new experiences, like a moon-rise or an ice-

cream, which is not possible in their Source, the ocean of Light.

Henceforth, the purpose of Life will be enhanced, and along

with experiencing the diversity, humanity will be working to serve

God and His creation. They will ex plore the unknown realities and

bring down new knowledge and energies from the hitherto

unknown parts of existence.

Humanity will also make more efforts to harness the

potential of the Soul to the fullest possible extent. This will result

in very interesting experiments and areas of growth. Many New

Souls from other Universes will take birth on our Earth thus adding

to this process with their unique potential. As creativity and intelligence increases, many new things will be created, invented

and manifested.

So in the New Light Age, humanity will be engaged in a

growth-oriented living rather than merely surviving and

experiencing life. Every Soul will contribute and add value to the

quality of living on this Planet and in Creation.

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