Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Art, Science and Practice of Personal and Planetary Peacemaking

Attention: Healers, Visionary Activists, Educators, Clergy, Creative Social Artists, Change Agents, and Social Entrepreneurs who are READY to learn exactly what it takes to harness the transformative power of Peacemaking in your lives and become powerful agents for positive change.

You can now access step-by-step strategies for navigating conflict and building peace so you can heal yourself, your family and the world, NOW, when the world needs us most.

You can take an active role in being the change - and you can learn to do it effectively with tools and strategies from a world-renowned social healer and peacemaker. We’ll show you how with this 7-session course, which will:

•Provide profound tools for cultivating peace in your life, your family, and your community.

•Help you navigate conflict in more skilled and effective ways

•Empower you to release old wounds, navigate stress and clear barriers to intimate friendship

•Offer information, skills, and tools for you to be a better peacemaker in the world

•Teach you the state-of-the-art in planetary peacemaking, as well as the leading edge science.

•Help you develop the essential skills of the social healer

•Develop your skills to stand in the fire of hostility and aggression as an agent of transformation

https://shiftnetwork.infusionsoft.com/go/ppd/luckyvn/   You and I live in a world of complexity and conflict, stretching from the personal to the global. And we also live in a time of accelerating, evolutionary change, with great breakthroughs in fields like science, sacred activism, spirituality, and peacemaking.

You and I were born for this time, born to be catalysts for growth, healers of old wounds, leaders of a brighter tomorrow.

You know that you are part of this wave of awakening and change. Together, we’re here to make a profound difference for the future of human civilization. But we all need a state-of-the-art map and guidebook for how to navigate the complexity and conflict and to play our unique, sacred role.

I’m writing to invite you to share with me in a profound journey to the frontiers of human knowledge and to the innermost depths of the human heart - a journey of love, forgiveness, insight, and great joy. It’s a journey into peacemaking, which is the single most important skill for being the change - whether in schools, your home, your workplace or your neighborhood.

We're surrounded by festering wounds of conflict, misunderstanding, violence, and fear. And yet we have the opportunity to be healers, bridgebuilders, and peacemakers, which brings great benefits not only to the world but to our lives.

For the peacemaker does not just touch others - we touch our own innermost Self through the raw, naked power of the human heart. We shed layers of illusion and defense to live in a way that is lit by a powerful love. Life for the peacemaker is not "the easy way," it is what native peoples call the "beauty way.".

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